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My name is Diane, and I have always thought that house plants have been, and always will be, part of human life. There are many reasons why people keep plants in their homes. Some feel that being surrounded by beautiful gardens is not enough. Others wish to bring some life to their bare and grey surroundings. Keen chefs enjoy having a few fresh ingredients to hand, and people with a taste for the exotic wish to cultivate something weird and wonderful. For those who work from home, house plants can also bring comfort and freshness to an office space.

Diane Foster

There have been various trends, such as Victorian hothouses, seventies macrame and Scandinavian chic, but the desire for house plants has never entirely disappeared. House plants bring life to the home, and while they make for attractive portable decorations, they are not just part of the furniture. House plants can even be a part of family life, whether it’s through passing a long-loved cactus down to a sibling or grandchild, or putting an aspidistra in the hall just as your parents did in your childhood home. A happy home has house plants, and a healthy home has them too.

There are proven health benefits to looking at greenery and nurturing plants, and they are also great at filtering out nasty toxins from the air, which, in an urban environment, is especially valuable.

You will discover that house plants are more than a cheap way of redecorating; they are a formative part of the home. Start with one, and you won’t look back.

This website provides inspiration on how to use and display plants within the home. It includes information on some of the best plants to use and guidance on how to keep them happy. There is no need to have a conservatory. Whether you have a tiny apartment or a huge house, a suntrap or a dark hall, there is a plant for all rooms and microclimates.

What You Can Expect to Find Here

I explore the possibilities and potential limitations of growing plants indoors; the different microclimates between and even within rooms, and inspirational ideas on how to display the plants.

I cover the fundamentals of gardening indoors, from choosing the right pot to how to look after mature plants.

I provide guidance on creative planting methods, such as terrariums and kokedama, and offer some ideas for simple projects, such as a hanging display in the bathroom or a sensory garden for a child’s bedroom. I also briefly explore how to use plants as air filters and as sources of mindfulness.

I explain the basics of looking after house plants, from watering and fertilising to what to do about pests, diseases and going on holiday.

I provide a guide to the most popular and the best house plants to grow, divided into groups according to the type of plant (orchids, cacti and bulbs) or situation (sunny and warm spots, to dark, cold rooms).

Finally, we have a glossary and further resources list which give definitions of technical terms.

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  1. I’m think I’m going to be a big fan of this your site! I love the thoughts about plants being a part of the family dynamic. My friends and I are always rooting cuttings and sharing “babies”. And I miss the 70’s macrame! I say we bring it back!


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